Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I suspect that there are some people in our Briarcliff Improvement Association who aren't too happy with the new name, "Fryman Canyon Association." They could feel that because of all the efforts of those who went before, we are being somewhat disrespectful for what the BIA accomplished in our neighborhood.

When Barbara and I joined the BIA over 20 years ago, we were part of the many drives to stop overbuilding in our area. We actually stood in front of a bulldozer one day to stop Fryman Canyon from having over one hundred homes added to our beautiful hills.

That's where we first met Nancy Pohl, who was one of the leaders of the protest. It was Nancy Pohl and those like her who made our Fryman Canyon area what it is today.

At one point Nancy and I crossed swords. It was over the Wilacre parking situation. Because of all the wonderful things the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy was doing to hold development back, she was very sympathetic to their problems.

However, Nancy, being the person she was, finally came around. We attended over 20 meetings with the Conservancy together. She and other members of the BIA worked hard to raise the money for the ranger's trailer home and Nancy, though growing older, traveled along with our group to look at other park parking lots in order to pass on a design. During all this, Nancy Pohl became one of Barbara's and my best friends and we will always honor her name.

I really do think that Nancy would approve of the name change. It represents a new beginning. Notice the picture above. It was the highest honor the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy could bestow on Nancy. Barbara and I were there at her side at the ceremony with many other BIA neighbors. It was a great moment.

Notice that the sign says, "The Nancy Hoover Pohl Overlook at Fryman Canyon."

I know Nancy would love the fact that we are moving on and trying to make the organization she started, a driving force, once again.

We ARE Fryman Canyon

Thank you Nancy.


Fryman Prez said...

Well Said... M

fabienne said...

beautifully said....proud to be a neighbor.