Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oakdell Road blanketed with snow!

In 1949, that is.

This is our house at 3264 Oakdell Road during a rare snow storm. This and other historic pictures of our house were sent to me by Julie Towery, daughter of the Miltons, who built our house in 1942. Julie grew up in the house, which was, at the time, the last house on the deadend rattlesnake infested street called Oakdell Road. Does anyone else have pictures of (or information about) the 1949 snow storm?


This is easy to use. I have been blogging for a couple of years (MY BLOG) and this is a great way to communicate. You can post a complaint or ask questions and by clicking on "comments" at the end of your post, other neighbors can comment on your comment.

It's new and there will be glitches, but stick with it. It will be a lot of fun and with your help we can get things moving with the new Fryman Canyon Association.

One use: If you see some suspicious behavior in the neighborhood, you can take a picture and post it for others to see.

For example, this picture of a weird person leaning against a suspicious looking car.

Try it yourself.



Well Done

What a fabulous tool for all of us to be able to stay in touch about the alarming and hopefully the good that goes on in Fryman.  Thank you to our new president for doing the work to set this up.  

Robbery on Brookdale!

This past week one of our neighbors was robbed on Brookdale.  Be on the lookout for two men, an African- American and White male both in their 30's -- They have several different types of cars and apparently one of them sometimes shows up dressed in an ADT Uniform.  If you see ANYTHING suspicious CALL 911.  


Dear Neighbors,

This is the first post in the Fryman Canyon blog.  I hope you all check this out and start using it as we seek to perfect our communications throughout our beautiful neighborhood.

All Best,